Aug 28, 2014

Cool suspended bed structure

Located in Camden NW1, London, UK this apartment attracts our attention through the unusual placement of the bedroom which was suspended above the living space making the interior highly original although not exactly practical.

Aug 27, 2014

Industrial Steel-framed French doors || Metal Frame Droos

Kursteen Salter Price's Home in Portland

Homeowner Kursteen Salter Price spent twelve years of ripping out flooring, tearing down walls and converting three separate units of a former Portland, Oregon factory into a single family home. She delved into every aspect of the renovation process, from welding window dressings to handcrafting wallpaper. Price transformed this 2,400 square foot, three bedroom, two bathroom loft into one spacious, cohesive home with a Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi interiors can be described as muted, dimly lit and shadowy, giving the rooms an enveloping, womb-like feeling with natural materials that are vulnerable to weathering, warping, shrinking, cracking and peeling.
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