Nov 28, 2012

Industrial-style Pool and Pingpong Tables

Concrete Pool Table, Indoor/Outdoor
On sale $10,999.00 - $11,999.00

Ping Pong Dining Table, Light Gray
$4,999.00 On sale from onekingslane
$9,000.00 Retail

Ping Pong Dining Table, Dark Gray
$5,499.00 from onekingslane
$9,500.00 Retail

Nov 25, 2012

Cool Eclectic Vintage Interiors by Timothy Oulton

Eclectic vintage interiors by designer Timothy Oulton

Nov 11, 2012

Saxon + Parole, NYC

Ningbo Museum of Chinese History

More at : archdaily

Restaurant Radio in Copenhagen by Christina Meyer Bengtsson

   Copenhagen's Restaurant Radio is Nordic cuisine ..
Self-professed "gastronomic entrepreneur" Claus Meyer has added another restaurant to his culinary empire, which includes Noma, the two-star Michelin restaurant where the new Nordic cuisine movement began, along with a vinegar brewery and several farms. Restaurant Radio is about high-quality seasonal ingredients from Meyer's farms, cooked by talented people with attitude, and served in a modern urban setting.

Collaborating with graphic designer Christina Meyer Bengtsson, the young Danish design firm HolmbackNordentoft

Nov 6, 2012

Duplex apartment renovation in Paris

A dream apartment in Paris, France, architects Isabelle and her partner Matthew from design studioL’Atelier d’Archi, met the challenge to transform the top floor of a building into a cozy house, with lots of bright ideas and dark colors. They gutted the small 753 square foot apartment and redistributed the spaces. They wish to expand gradually when neighboring apartments become available. Everything was custom made in the apartment, kitchen shelving, fireplace, stairs, and shelving in the lounge, the buffet under the stairs and the stair railing. The couple works hand in hand with artisans fulfills their unique desires. The architects infused dark colors in their design, they wanted to enhance their small space and felt that the darker tones would create warmth. Large windows illuminate the spaces with light throughout as well as skylights in the upstairs and glass panels in the floor.

Photos: Louise Desrosiers
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