Aug 31, 2011

Pillow's Lovers

Christiane Högner’s Cushionized Sofa

Inspirational Design

Cool Home Decorating Tips

Organizing, colors, patterns, props &repeating matter...

Aug 29, 2011

Cheap Chic Vintage Style Chairs doesn't have to be expensive to be in style :)
Overstock rocks!
Silver Tabouret Stacking Chairs (Set of 4) $203.99 from overstock 
Tabouret 24-inch Metal Counter Stools (Set of 2) $90.99 from overstock
Metal Stackable Tufted Stool (India) $85.99 from overstock 
Set of 2 Steel Stacking Barstools Today $164.99from overstock 
Set of 2 Iron Zinc-finish Tufted-top Bar Stools $162.99 from overstock
Adjustable Natural Fir Wood Finish Barstool $100.99 from overstock 
Wishbone Black Wood Y Chair $180.99 from overstock
 Wishbone Ivory Wood Y Chair $192.99 from overstock 
Hanging Bubble Chair $605.99 from overstock 
Retro-classic White Accent Chairs (Set of 2) $170.99 from overstock
Wood Leg White Accent Chairs (Set of 2) $212.99 from overstock
Rupert Chrome Steel Chair with Leatherette Seat Pad $173.99 from overstock 
Vinnie Cradle Chair Blue $137.99 from overstock
Retro Rocker Side Chair $121.99 from overstock 
Forza Taupe Twill Mid-Century Style Accent Chairs (Set of 2) $341.99 from

Aug 27, 2011

My Wish List Items of August

Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Mercury: The future Sun glasses by Nooka $130

Chicago Taxi Wallet® by Alicia Klein $59 
Hot Pink Standard Porka Dot by Cyberoptix TieLab $30

 Set of 3 Grenade Lamps by Piet Houtenbos $123

Bottle Tree Decorative Ideas

Woolly bench by Natalie Walton


Aug 24, 2011

Minimal Dress - Better than Naked

Hammock for Living Room

 The Floating Bed by floatingbed

Hammock chair with too many options for swings and chairs


Hammock in a living room is the new everything...

Japanese firm Ryuji Nakamura Architects installed these vinyl hammocks in a department store in Tokyo.

Hammock Swing by KIOSK at $230

 Exotic Bamboo Hammock at $260
from Etsy

Ceda Hammock Handmade In Nicaragua at $120
From Etsy

from uncommongoods

 from uncommongoods

Seat Hammock $30
from etsy

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