Feb 24, 2011

Playful Stools

Swivel Bar Stools

The following swivel bar stools, adjustable in height with gas piston, look really delicious. I love the various colors and the form (via Italian designers atIbebi):

Ibebi Bar Stools

These ultra-modern bar stools (produced by the same designer as above ones) look great in a matching set. You can choose any from the variety of colors (via seatingzine.com):

Acrylic Bar Stools

Acrylic bar stools sport cool contemporary design and huge decorating possibilities. These stools feature stylish color infused acrylic construction.(via furniturestoreblog.com).

Magino Bar Stools

The Magino line of futuristic bar stools are great alternatives to wooden or metal stools for your contemporary home (via designshrine.net):

Plastic Bar Stools

Designed by Marco Maran, the following bar stools have unique forms and can decorate any interior (via restaurant-barstools.com):

Volare Bar Stools

Volare bar stools “combine aesthetic simplicity and refined functionality”. The seat is ergonomically moulded for maximum comfort. The hanging footrest and fully-adjustable swivel complete the picture, making this an attractive modern design to suit in any bar, restaurant or modern home (viadanetti.com).

Monaco Bar Stools

A bar stool that could look completely ordinary but for frosted design back (via thelucitestore.com).


The Mambo Stool this have colors transparent red, blue and yellow therefore seen from the characteristics of the seat, which is very conspicuous giving color effects are colorful, and Mambo Stool designed by Archirivolto Design.

Bubble Bar Stools

Designed by Italy’s own Archirivolto Design for high-end Italian furniture maker Delight, these contemporary bar stools blend style and comfort (viatrendir.com).


This chair has produced more than 100 seats.This chair was sent to clients around the world;to build this chair in need Bending, welding and polishing stainless steel, shape and sew sheepskin. Each requires two to three weeks to produce it. These seats are not available in stores and only appear on one or two exhibitions per year, ensuring they remain a very exclusive and highly desirable.


Just happened to fall in love with this red chair...

Plastic chairs to create a new classic created a strong contrast because of the history and different backgrounds, as well as cheap and expensive expression that people have in mind, plastic chair is a chair that has two personalities in one body.

Feb 8, 2011

Retro Recycled Lighting

Designed for FUSE, the Can Light is sold for 90 euros each. The fact that they are made from repurposed tin cans could make you take a step back, but just imagine the character that you’ll bring into your home with the Can Light. 

Wall Melting Lighting
The Soft Architecture Collection Sinks into Strutures 
The Soft Architecture Collection has a magical undertone. Seemingly melting straight into the walls, these white lamps add a surreal and ghostly ambiance in homes that is utterly unique.
Designed by Sebastian Wrong (who appears to be able to do no wrong despite his name), the Soft Architecture Collection are actually solutions for small spaces. I can easily see them utilized in modern, spacious homes as well. The lamps are also eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

Spray Can Lights
Aissa Logerot Creates LED Graffiti ‘Halo’ Canisters 
Aissa Logerot is giving graffiti artists the chance to use LED light and photography instead of aerosol and paint. His Halo design looks like a spray can, but instead of paint is filled with an LED light.
The Halo design by Aissa Logerot creates some awesome visuals if the light and photography are used correctly. A great way to create graffiti without the harmful chemicals of aerosol paint. A picture is as permanent as wall art, so why not make it picture graffiti instead?

Feb 4, 2011

Cool Stools

Three Cool Stools from Michael Stolworthy

Fernando Akasaka Asks: Are You a Cowboy Junkie?


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