Jan 27, 2013

Aesop store by Tacklebox in Nolita, NYC

Aesop store by Tacklebox, New York – Nolita
Designed by local architect Jeremy Barbour, he adopted the same solution as when he created Aesop’s Grand Central Station kiosk, constructing the wall displays and counter out of re-purposed editions of the New York Times. The material, layered to form what look like large paper bricks, gives the space unprecedented texture, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Flying crane chandelier design

Sarus Chandelier
With the Sarus Collection, David Weeks conjures an unpredictable and commanding presence of graceful arcs and sweeping expanse. Taking its name from the large flying cranes, the Sarus Chandelier features two different-size shades and is carefully balanced. Available in two, three and four tiers at set sizes.
Shades: Powder Coated Aluminum
Frame: Chrome Plated Steel
Ceiling Mount: Powder Coated Steel

Jan 23, 2013

Cups with little feet by Dylan Kendall

Tabletop With Feet & Teeth

Dylan Kendall built a ceramics company around the idea that our homes should make us happy and we should live joyfully. Starting with a footed bowl, her line of humorous homewares soon expanded to include vases, cups, platters, salt and pepper shakers, and more—all curiously outfitted with feet or teeth.

Wall mounted Antler Plaque for your wall

$124.00 from 

Hunters Plaque Set Of 2 
by Huntsman’s Home
Vintage Antlers And Rustic Accents
Once in a while, we all wish we could curl up next to a roaring fire in a log cabin in the middle of who-knows-where. Don’t deny your wild side—decorate accordingly. Huntsman’s Home has rustic accents for all, from genuine vintage taxidermy to creative contemporary reproductions of the hunting-inspired form.

Antler Shield

Salem Lodge Shield 
by Huntsman’s HomeBrand Huntsman’s Home 
Material Nickel-Plated Brass 
Color Black, Silver 
Measurements L 13” W 9” H 15” 
Weight 8 lbs 

Cabin Shield

Antler Hooks Set Of 2 

Raghorn Hanging Shield Set Of 2

Via: fab.com

Jan 20, 2013

Cool mini picture frame necklace

I Am Who They Were by  artist Ashley Gilreath of Tennessee c
This necklace is made of sterling silver and bronze dollhouse frames cast by the artist herself. The images of Gilreath’s ancestors are printed directly onto the glass within each frame. In making the wearable reliquary, Gilreath sought to recreate, after a fashion, the memory of her grandparent’s long staircase, lined by old photographs of their relations.

Jan 17, 2013

Bichos Oak Branch Lamps by Martinho Pita

Bichos Oak Branch Lamps by Martinho Pita

Portuguese architect and designer Martinho Pita has created the Bichos lamp series, a collection of hand-crafted lighting sculptures made from Portuguese Holly Oak.
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