May 19, 2011

Creative Shoe Storage Ideas

footprint children's shoe shelf from j-me

horizontal shoe rack from j-me

 Nest wall shoe rack from j-me

Drip shoe shelf by
I have been trying to organize my shoes and 
realized how hard it is to make them look good in my small messy closet. 
Then, I went online and looked for some ideas. I found a couple of them that could work well :)

Menu shoe horn by

Pejl shoe storage by

Shoe Tree T Black Shoe Rack from

Box Base Set VI Shoe Cabinet at $599.00 from fashionforhome

 Mila by yuniic

Transform a simple drawer into a fancy shoe showcase by

is ideal for colorful innovative storing shoes storage space, creative bookshelves and everything you want and always have the house tidy. With its unique design can be allocated anywhere: in the hall entrance, contemporary living room, etc. It’s called and it is a system of containers made famous designer Stefano Betti, which can hold books, shoes, and props, which needed it pivots 180 degrees on a column fixed to the ground, to keep Order the modern house interior design and only when you want access to the containers themselves. There are different versions of , all made of matt lacquered MDF. And if you choose a minimalist luxury mirror furniture? It will have inside very nice clothes, or why not, .

Momma might have always told you that it’s not a very nice thing to kick your shoes off in anger when you reach home after a frustrating day, but perhaps Momma forgot how therapeutic an action this can be.

gives you the opportunity to do just what Momma warned you not to. This innovative shoe rack is designed with opposed bristles so that your shoes would be caught between them when you kick it. Drafting and production of this shoe rack has been done by Matthias Furch and Kai Ertel. KickIt! is a hand-made product with the surface made from oak and the nylon bristles lit from behind with two florescent lights. With size specifications of 196x42x44cm, this has enough space for a fair number of footwear.

KickIt! is being sold as a limited edition at about €2000 or $2500. Even if you are going to listen to Momma and sit down on this fun piece of work, KickIt! looks good enough to become an addition to the home furniture.

Via: CrunchGear/SwissMiss
If you want a lightweight shoe rack that can be folded flat for an easy transportation, then you have the option of Stepper. It is made from plastic and therefore is lightweight enough for taking around. It is functional, as the shoe rack can store up to six pairs of shoes. Besides, the Stepper is also easy-to-store: simply fold it flat and you can put it anywhere- under your beds, your tables, or inside your cabinet. [Read the rest of this entry...]


Blinc!: The Clear Shoe Box | (Photo:

Rakku Shoe Wheel & Shoe Pod (Photo: Rakku Designs)

the Hotel Box from Pure Nomade in Denmark

5-Bin Storage Tower from container store

Shoe Rack With Melon Single-Depth Doors and Wenge Base 754WE-M by Sarmog 
buy it here.

From Sarmog
Oak Boot and Shoe Rack
Holds 3 pairs of boots and 3 pairs of shoes / kids wellies
Size 62cm (l) x 43cm (h) x 23cm (d)


  1. Another choice you will have to make is between a closed or open shoe rack. This is fully dependent on your individual tastes.

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  4. woww...!! cool shoe rack designs,new and creative.i personally like the staircase one.great idea to save space...

  5. woww...!! cool shoe rack designs,new and creative.i personally like the staircase one.great idea to save space...

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  11. StorageManiac Boot Rack from Bizarkdeal

    I didn't realize how much I needed this product until a friend recommended it. My winter boots were always bent and folded. I couldn't think of any good way to store them without them getting damaged. . This boot rack is lightweight, simple to assemble and fits longer boots of every size. The color is neutral so it goes with whatever your décor is. It also takes up very little space in my closet. I may pick up one for the kids winter boots. A great way to dry them!

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