Dec 23, 2012

Cool Loft Interior Design by Ando Studio

Team Ando has a natural sense of mixing widly different cultures into one coherent interior design vision and they continue to do so in other works such as the Japanese House in the Forest. We definitely suggesting learning more about them on their website here

Dec 18, 2012

Cool Diamond Ring Design

By jewellery designer Ted Noten while collaborating with Joost Lyppens

Materia + Arte + Mao: Joia arte Brasileira - JOYA 2012 -- Nina Lima

Ring by Philip Sajet (Galerie Orfèo - Luxembourg)

Ring by Philip Sajet (Galerie Orfèo - Luxembourg)

Philip Sajet – Ring - Niello on silver

Ring: Black Marquise 2011 – Niello on silver, gold

Philip Sajet – ring « A la Recherche du Joyau Perdu », 2011. Gold, silver, enamel

Philip Sajet Ring: Cactus Gold, niello

Philip Sajet – « cactus solo niello » ring

Philip Sajet – rings

Philip Sajet – The Byzantine Ring

Philip Sajet- Ring van gouddraad met een geslepen steen (rutielkwarts). 2001
Philip Sajet Ring: Schneewittchen 2012 Pearls, white opal, gold 
Stereodiamond Ring Red special edition by geraldesign - 19€

from "Vraifaux Jewelry" on Etsy 

 Anna Wyganowska (Lodz, Pologne)

 Philip Sajet ring
Fanny Agnier - folding serie - Diamond rings - Gold, silver
 Jorge Manilla "rough rings"
 Jorge Manilla - "rough rings"
 Black and white gem ring - by Golden ink - 70 AUD$ A small collaborative porcelain jewelery company from Melbourne Australia comprised of Abby Seymour and Katherine Wheeler. All porcelain wares are bespoke and exclusive
 Yuki Nagao / Satoru

 Spinning illusion rings by Alex Laurie

 EM Design / Flat Diamond Rings

 Rachel Timmins "diamond" ring

 from Sint Lucas Antwerpen Juweelontwerp 

 Rachel McKnight - bague en matière synthétique "Perpex Diamond" - 15 FS - pc, 45 FS.- les trois - divers coloris - à galerie CARACTERE /

Katie Poterala (1)

 designed by Thomas Feichtner from "Filio Ring"

 Sabine Lang - Diamond Skeleton ring
 Plak Ring - by Philip Sajet - Glass

 Katie Rearick - rings made of silver, steel, citrine
 K. bo Sonne- diamond #3 -ring-silver, lacquer, textiles

 Ring by Anna Steinerová
 'Ufo Products' (Yuho Fukuhara, JP)  Acrylic Cube Diamond Rings

EXPO ERROR gal ElaCindorukNazanPak

ERROR Sergi/Exhibition 
Burcu BuyukunalJames SachsSelen Ozus … 
25.3.2011  – Acilis/Opening: 18:00-20:00

Selen Ozus (from Alchimia School)- ‘Was’ brooch, silver, paper, resin
Selen Ozus‘Will’ brooch - silver

EXPO 'ERROR' - Galerie ElaCindorukNazanPak, Istanbul (TR) - 25 Mars-15 Avril 2011 dans Burcu BUYUKUNAL (TR) 20101010_RN7JF
Burcu Buyukunal - ‘toy matters’ – toy rings – Oxidized silver, 18K gold, bead, pearls

2010108_3eoPI_7DayRegimenall dans Exposition/Exhibition
Burcu Buyukunal  ’7 day regimen’ serie : go to her website & have a look at this serie I adore !

Cool Poker Table crafted by Axel Yberg of Akke Functional Art

This table was carefully crafted by Axel Yberg of Akke Functional Art.

Named "All In," this table took more than 600 man-hours to build and uses 15 different kinds of wood, prominently featuring Madagascar Ebony, Rosewood, Black Walnut and Cherry to play up a "black and red" motif. Underneath that beautiful surface is a base made of gold-painted pipes to remind you of Vegas bling, and five lightbulbs that shine through diamond cutouts on the playing field.

Unlike the similarly awesome Akke ping pong table which was for sale for $56,000, the one-of-a-kind "All In" is reserved for the winner of the World Poker Tour's player of the year and no one else. As if being that good at winning money wasn't its own reward.

Dec 17, 2012

Live Edge Wood Furniture

California-based designers Kalon Studios have created a collection of seven sustainable furniture designs for online furniture store Wood Design.


Kinsol Trestle dining table by Live Edge Design

NIta Lake console table by by Live Edge Design

Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table - Plexi Base by Rotsen Furniture

Mystic Beach console table by Live Edge Design

Cascade desk with drawer by Live Edge Design
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