Jul 30, 2012

Crazy Artwork from Pantone pens

Never thought of a method like this but it is unique and the outcome is happily beautiful :)

Felt-Tip Print
841mm x 594mm, ink on paper
Made by repeatedly balancing a single A1 sheet of paper on the nibs of a set of Pantone pens.

A rural house in Vancouver by Omer Arbel

A family house built on rural acreage designed by Vancouver based architect Omer Arbel.

Cool Vancouver loft designed by architect Omer Arbel

By architect Omer Arbel

Jul 29, 2012

Love Portion

Valerio Loi is a photographer. He is from Sardinia, Italy, and now lives in London. As part of a still-life project, he has developed this drug. Peace, Love, Joy, Hope and Empathy, good practice in the concentrate from the pharmacy shelf. 

Asa and Henry's house in Lomma, Sweden

Text & Styling: Suzanna Nilson
Photo: Daniella Witte


Jul 23, 2012

Mirror by Tetsuokondo

Cool Jewelry Design

HOLST + LEE Yellow Plates Necklace

In order of appearance: Lizzie Fortunato, Eddie Borgo, Akong, Jennifer Loiselle, Marion Vidal and  Elizabeth Knight.

All designs sourced here.

Designed and produced by Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader, Brooklyn, New York. Met while studying metalsmithing and sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Bonded over their mutual backgrounds working in prosthetic dentistry and orthodontics, which led both to a preoccupation with medical oddities and a fascination with small metal parts and meticulous detail. Drawn to creating dark, conceptual statement-making jewelry suitable for everyday wear, which is the very definition of Lady Grey. Photo courtesy of The Makers Project (www.themakersproject.com) / Jennifer Causey.

Cool source: ilyajewelry
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