Sep 29, 2011

The feel-good home of maurizio zucchi.
The green space made me feel so relaxed...
from ideat magazine june 2011.
some more pics here at elle korea.

Cool Industrial Light Bulb

I found these unique light bulbs on and fell in love with them.
So, I bought some for my dinning room. So excited!

Decode | Delightful Light at $300(on sale)
Launched this week by award-winning British design brand Decode during London Design Festival, the Vessel light is a simple, elegant container for the whimsical Plumen bulb (also featured on today!). Both the glass shade and the bulb are the creations of young, London-based industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson.

Vessel Light Flat Smoked Gray $300

Vessel Light Diagonal Bronze by Decode London $300

Vessel Light Flat Bronze $300

Plumen Light Bulb Set of 4
by Plumen at $98

Plumen | The Designer Energy Saving Bulb
One of our most coveted products is back! Plumen bulbs are the antithesis of low-energy light sources with a fresh shape that will last for years. Each one uses 80% less energy and lasts eight times longer than incandescents, giving you the opportunity to light up any room with smart style.

Sep 28, 2011

Plastic Louis XV-Style Furniture by Design of Love

 Little Queen of Love Chair Pink at $595

 Queen of Love Chair Pink

Plastic Louis XV-Style Furniture by Design of Love
Design of Love was founded by Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatto in 2009. 
The collection’s fanciful seating and planters is inspired by 17th-century royal French décor, but is brilliantly crafted from modern plastics. Long lasting like their forerunners, Design of Love's creations are, however, very easy to care for.


 Via : alaindelorme

These photography inspire me. 
I saw these bikes carrying stuff in Beijing with my own eyes while traveling in China.
Then I found this set of art representing the truth of daily lives in China. I am touched somehow.

Sep 27, 2011

Wall Decal Ideas

Irregular Mesh $45

This limited-edition (50-piece) wall decal by Camila León was selected as an Editor's Pick winner from Blik x Doodlers Anonymous "Doodle Our Wall" showcase.
To purchase, please go to the
Doodlers Anonymous online store.
Fly ~ Re-Stik $25 from whatisblik
 Chandelier $30


 Olive $45

Pong $35



Wall Decals Birch Trees in Winter (Set of 6) $145.00 from etsy

 Wall Decals Birdcage Feathered Nest - Vinyl Wall Stickers Art $42 from etsy

Compass Wall Decal - Vinyl Sticker Wall Art $28 from etsy
 Birdcage Vinyl Wall Decal - Wall Stickers Art at $25 fro etsy

Wall Decals Trees - A Walk in the Woods - Vinyl Wall Stickers Art $145 from Etsy
 Wall Decal Cherry Blossom with Birds (3 Colors)$75 from etsy
Wall Decals Quote ee cummings Human Spirit $48 from etsy

Wall Decals Simple Trees $145 from etsy
Wall Decals Frame and Sconces Elegant Accents $38 from etsy

Wall Decals Frame Collection Baroque $ 125 from etsy

Biding Time - Vinyl Text Wall Decals Stickers Art Graphics $58 from etsy

Wall Decals Woodland$75 from etsy
Topiary Wall Decal $32 fro etsy


Wall Decals I Do Love You $22 from etsy


Steampunk Style Clock $85 from etsy


Wall Decals Argyle Mural $175 from etsy


Wall Decals Mural: Ironworks $175 from etsy


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