Jan 31, 2011

Urban Spelunking

These days I am quite obsessed with finding abandoned places to explore.
I started to collect all information of these sites online.
Here are some places I would love to visit and explore one day.
Sources: http://weburbanist.com/category/7-wonders/
1. St. Kilda, Scotland

 2. Ballarat, California

Jan 25, 2011

Chronicle Project

I love this project. It is very clean, simple and modern but at the same time classic.

Designed by Surya Prasetya | Country: Australia

“Chronicle is a modern high-end Gin, made to entice young entrepreneurs. Chronicle is aimed at a male market, 25-40 with an eye for simple yet classic design and fashion.
The idea behind Chronicle started off as an image of a wealthy man sitting in a chair reading the newspaper in the 1950′s. To give the bottle a sense of strength I combined this idea with a poison bottle cap lid. Achieving a sophisticated yet classic look that portrayed a little Danger and Class.”

Simple and Cool : Book of Art

Books of Art by Isaac Salazar. It is a simple idea but very well executed.

Jan 11, 2011

Think "Big" is not enough. We should "Think Bigger"!

Seemingly, today "Big is the new Black"...
It sounds ridiculous in a recession, doesn't it? Can you believe this? they are doing good. 
Maybe we should think out of the box and go opposite direction to what the current situation is. 
In this materialistic world, we have gone big...gone insane...on spending...

Cool Valentine Gifts

I always love Japanese Design and Fun Ideas. They always turn a sense of humor into something useful. I came across to this website and discovered some cool weird and funny gadgets.This could be a very good valentine gift for you love ones :) 
More info.

Cool Wedding Ring

Searching for a truly unique wedding band? Tired of finding the same plain bands or designs that just come from a catalogue? This is for a set of two totally unique custom fingerprint wedding bands in sterling silver. One 3.5mm and one 6mm. 

Only available from Brent Williams Designs with such fine craftsmanship. More info

Information is actually beautiful

A couple days ago I found a very cool colorful graphic chart that contained useful information on a random website. I looked up who made this graphic and found out about informationisbeautiful.net by David McCandless. His graphic design data charts and graphics are very interesting and fun. They made me realized that information can actually look beautiful and not boring when someone knows how to put them together creatively.

Always get inspired by "Dance With Me"

I love this ad from Deisel. It got to be from my favorite brand that used my favorite song :)

Jan 10, 2011

Find and Post B&B Around The World

I am going to China and my friend suggested me to check out this website to book a room. I checked it out and realized it was really cool. So, I surfed around and saw if I could find something l like.Check it out by yourself :)

House of textures

The House of textures is like jewellery. 
The layers show what the house has been built of, 
such as graffiti, bricks and wallpaper. Inside you can see a miniature prelude of the Chair of textures. more info

Jan 9, 2011

See Better to Learn Better : Bringing Eyeglasses to Kids in Mexico

 I am nearsighted. 
I was looking around for my new glasses because I want to look cool or hip like other hipsters.
Then, I googled and found this project by accident. I thought it is really interesting.

"See Better to Learn Better" is a free eyeglasses program in 
partnership with the Mexican government and Augen Optics. 
The collaboration between the non-profit and 
Yves Béhar/fuseproject has lead to Collección Escolar 2010. 
A collection of customizable and iconic corrective eyewear 
that is specifically designed for students, ages 6-18 years old. 

The Genius of Unremarkable Design: Paper clip

 Today I was working on my paperwork for my trip to Asia. I was struggling to put all paper together 
and recalled how amazing this little thing can do for me.
It is timeless, useful and practice.
A simple designed stationary we used daily is the "Paper clip".
I appreciate you...I really do :)

Simple, Simpler, Simplest : Minimalist Effect in the Maximalist Market

What is your choice in these 3 different variations?
1. Original variation
2. Simple variation
3. More simple variation

Designers Antrepo have created conceptual packaging design 
for well-known supermarket products by stripping back the existing graphics in stages.
 Called Minimalist Effect in the Maximalist Market
the experiment asks readers to choose which of the stages they prefer.

P.S. This project is only a design practice for showing minimal feeling of some international samples. 
It is an article about unnecessary items on the global brands, 
any of them, second or third variations are not new packaging proposals!
More information on the designers’ blog.

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