Jul 14, 2011

Coffee Shop Design

After I listened to "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop", I got inspired....

Situated on the Palermo Soho area of Buenos Aires, Urban Station is an amalgamation of an office and coffee-shop.

 It’s a stunning cafe interior designed by Esrawe in collaboration with Ignacio Cadena, inspired with Mexican and Latin graphic design of the late 19th to early 20th century its become the one of my favorite cafe/lounge interior.

 The 15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea store is all about going back to basic by using myriads of recycled, reclaimed and refurbished eco-friendly materials. Wood salvaged from a barn and warehouse lights are widely used, giving it the rusty feeling and ambiance. Metal ceiling tiles with a time-worn patina serve as a rustic backdrop to the condiments counter. Cupping table and chairs with wood materials assembled from a dismantled ship sit close to the front window while custom-made rusted wire chandeliers hang overhead. by Starbucks

  Vanilla, a tiny little East Berlin coffee shop, designed by Pandarosa

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