Jun 28, 2011

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Portland, Oregon-based Schoolhouse Electric has just introduced a new line of shades for the spring. Made of porcelain, clear glass, and opal glass, the shades are available in four different shapes and are compatible with the company's collection of simple hanging fixtures.

Tangled Chandelier - Natural Brass by schoolhouseelectric.com

L Sconce by schoolhouseelectric.com

Factory Satellite 2 by schoolhouseelectric.com

Factory Light No. 4 Cable by schoolhouseelectric.com
$279.00 - $319.00

Glass Bell Shape Shade (CL-9405-08); $49. Glass Globe Shade; (CL-9109-08) $49. Walsh Pendant with White Porcelain Shade; sold as a complete light fixture for $129. Clear Glass Shade (1039-09); $39.

Orbit Sconce Clear
$179.00 from schoolhouseelectric

Princeton Junior
$159.00 from schoolhouseelectric

Lighting: Handblown Glass Lamp from Analogue Life  Design: 
SゝゝMade in Japan

Large Frame Lights
Materials: Powder coated steel. At iacolimcallister.com

Barnhouse-Style Outdoor Lighting
Here's a roundup of classic barnhouse-style lighting fixtures for the outdoors.
Bracket Light from Marston & Langinger at Remodelista
Above: Bracket Light; $275 at Marston & Langinger.
Hi-Lite galvanized metal Austin Sconce at Remodelista
Above: Hi-Lite galvanized metal Austin Sconce; $99 at Barn Light Electric, which sells US-made, commercial-grade lighting.

Barn Light Atomic Topless Sconce at Remodelista
Above L: Barn Light Atomic Topless Sconce with cast guard; $119. Above, R: Barn Light Atomic Topless Sconce with wire guard; $133. Both at Barn Light Electric.
Bolich Oudoor Light at Remodelista
Above: Bolich Large Outdoor Light; €185 at Manufactum.
Exterior Barn Lamp at Remodelista
Above: Exterior Barn Lamp in cream or apple green; £30 at Willow & Stone.
Brass Bracket Light from Marston & Langinger at Remodelista
Above: Brass Bracket Light; $405 at Marston & Langinger.

Barn Light Wall-Mounted Revival Sconce at Remodelista
Above: Barn Light Wall-Mounted Revival Sconce; available in a range of finishes and colors; $223 at Barn Light Electric.

Galvanized Well Glass Outdoor Light at Remodelista

Above: Galvanized Well Glass Outdoor Light; £90 at Holloway's of Ludlow.

Captain Fixture with Bracket at Remodelista

Above: The Captain Fixture with Bracket is available in zinc-plated or black- or gray-painted enameled steel or copper, with a choice of clear or opal glass shade; $1,260 (shown in painted gray) at Circa Antiques.

Belfast Lamp at Remodelista
Above: Belfast Lamp; £69 at Tinsmiths in the UK.


Sometimes the simple fixtures are the hardest to find: utility lights, spotlights, downlights. When I was remodeling my own house, I discovered (and used) the moderately priced Purity line from Seattle-based lighting company Resolute. Designed by Douglas Varey, the lights are made of satin anodized aluminum and come in 16 different configurations. Go to Resolute for more information; the collection is available online from Surrounding.

Above L: Purity Universal Wall; $355 at Surrounding. Above R: Purity Pendant; $215 at Surrounding.

Above L: Purity Small Square Ceiling/Wall Light; $155 at Surrounding. Above R: Purity ADA Wall Sconce; $220; at Surrounding.


Olivier Abry of Wo & Wé Collection calls himself a "creator-assembler"; from his atelier in Lyon he makes new lamps from vintage components. Abry accepts PayPal and ships his lights all over the world (delivery to the US is €49). Below is a selection of his work; go to Wo & Wé to see the current offerings.

We've featured Mason jar lamps before (see Lighting: Mason Jar Light at Omega Too); we especially like them as outdoor lighting, as seen in the outdoor dining courtyard at Cecconi's Miami Beach at the Martin Brudnizki-designed Soho Beach House.

Above: Cecconi's courtyard features antique Nile green striped floors, silver buttonwood trees, and a retractable awning.

Above: Similar Mason Jar Lamps can be sourced from Omega Too in Berkeley, which can create outdoor-approved Mason Jar lamps; another source is Lamp Goods on Etsy.


From New York-based architecture and design studio Workstead: the Bent Arm Lamp is made of new steel, cast iron, and brass; available in three sizes with either black, red, or blue painted metal shades; $1,150 to $1,350, depending on size. Visit Workstead for ordering information. For more offerings from Workstead, see our earlier post Lighting: Workstead at Horne.


New from New York design phenoms Rich Brilliant Willing: Bright Side Lights, made of cast glass with white fabric cord; designed to be used as a hanging pendant lamp or laid sideways as a table lamp.
Above: The Bright Times Lamp is $110 from MoMA Store.


Subtly Christmasy: the dark green or rust red Vintage Metal Pendant Light with Plug; $80 from Mothology.
Vintage Metal Pendant Light with Plug


Designed in 1919 by Johan Petter Johanesson, the Triplex lamp is an industrial classic favored by collectors in Sweden. One of those aficionadoes, Robert Kullenberg, an engineer, has formed a design company called Mackapar, dedicated to bringing the Triplex back into production. Kullenberg expects his first batch of 100 Triplex lights to be available in spring 2011; follow the progress at Mackapar.
Triplex Lamp
Triplex Lamp
Triplex Lamp


Lindsay Adelman 6-Globe Bubble Chandelier
Above: Brooklyn-based Lindsey Adelman's custom handblown glass pendants are more fine art than light fixture. A true investment piece, the Lindsay Adelman 6-Globe Bubble Chandelier (other configurations available) is $9,600 at Matter.
Cluster Pendant
Above:The Cluster Pendant features four glass globes at staggered heights; $199 at West Elm.
Jean Pelle's Bubble Chandelier
Above: Jean Pelle's DIY bubble chandelier project for ReadyMade made a big hit on the blogosphere when it first appeared; the Jean Pelle's Bubble Chandelier is available premade for purchase for $395 plus shipping via her Etsy shop. The chandelier is made from 12 hand-blown glass balls and three clear globe bulbs held together by cables wrapped in cotton twine.
Ice Chandelier
Above: Ice Chandelier includes six mouthblown globes and is $1,880 at ABC Carpet and Home (it's also available with nine globes, as shown above, for $2200).
Above: The Ether 90 S, designed by Patrick Jouin for the Murano Due Collection, features clear, handblown bubbles suspended from a polished steel canopy; $5,985 at Y Lighting.
Bocci pendant chandelier
Above: The Bocci 14 Series Five Pendant Chandelier is a modern classic; $1,600 at Lumens. Please note that the Bocci 14 Series is available in several configurations, from a single pendant to 36 pendants.
Firefly Pendant Lamp
Above: Firefly Pendant Lamp by designer Mark Daniel suspends five glass globes from black iron canopy. Pendants stagger in length on black cords 15 to 29 inches; hanging hardware included; $199 at CB2.
Modo Chandelier
Above: Brooklyn-based Jason Miller's glamorous, three-sided, ten-globe Modo Chandelier is $4,000 at Design Within Reach.
Above: Designer Jeffrey Goodman's Ripple Chandelier is custom made in the jGoodDesign studio in New York City; contact jGoodDesign for pricing and availability.
Bocci 28 Series 7 Pendant Canopy
Above: The recently released Bocci 28 Series 7 Pendant Canopy is made with a unique handblowing technique to create organic shapes; $3,430 at OLighting.
Jupiter Chandelier
Above: The Jupiter Chandelier is made of crystal clear acrylic orbs supported by a polished nickel frame; $399 at ZGallerie.

A while back we posted on Nud lights from Sweden (see Lighting: Nud Collection Cord Light); so we were pleased to see that Anthropologie is now offering the line. The Dose-of-Color Pendants, which feature cloth cords, are sold individually and come in ten colors; $68 each.


Above: The Bolich Metal Pendant Light features a black enamel exterior, a porcelain pulley, and a cylindrical glass lens; €149 from Thomas Hoof.

Above L: The Angle-Mounting Porcelain Light was designed in the 1930s; €27 at Thomas Hoof. Above R: Ceiling-Mounting Porcelain Light; €25 at Thomas Hoof.

Above: In her bedroom, Roberts used a Ceramic Ceiling Light from Undine, Italy; €139 at Thomas Hoof.


Above: In the Bare Light, "the natural electrical insulating properties of glass are utilized to create a light socket that allows the electrical components to be seen—yet safely protected." The Bare Light features blown glass, electrical components, and a 14-foot-long cloth cord; $150 each.

Above: Made of hand-cast plastic, steel, wood, and a 10-foot-long cloth cord, the Cord Lamp is $150 directly from Brendan Ravenhill. "The Cord Lamp is an evolutionary descendant of Jean Prouve's Jib Arm Lamp; the simple structure of the Cord Lamp allows it to fold flat and pack into a standard poster tube."

Above: Ravenill's Facet Lamps "draw their inspiration from industrial light fixtures; the forms are derived from the manufacturing process of bent sheet metal construction." The Octagon Facet Lamp in white is $222 and in red is $300.

Admired in today's Hotels, Restaurants & Lodging: Hangar Eenenvertiq in Antwerp: the Clusterlamp from Moooi. Designed by Joel Degermark in 2004, the Clusterlamp accommodates five bulbs, allowing you to individualize the look of the fixture according to the combination of bulbs used; $330 at Y Lighting.

Above: A row of Clusterlamps illuminates the bar area at Hangar Eenenvertiq in Antwerp.

Above: The Clusterlamp is $330 at Y Lighting.


Above: The Lewis Pendant with porcelain socket is available in white or black and with several cord options (including two new red cord choices); $89.


Above two photos: Sticks chandelier with red fabric cording.
Atlanta, Georgia-based designer Jeff Jones has come out with a line of light fixtures made from vintage tobacco sticks (traditionally used as hangers for the drying of tobacco leaves) draped with cloth-cord pendant fixtures. Jones worked with Swedish company Nud to create a UL-approved version of the Bakelite and fabric-cord fixture he uses in his designs. The Stick lights come in two sizes—the smaller (48 inches in diameter) is about $1,400 and the larger (90 inches in diameter) is about $2,000—and can be seen in situ at the Summerhouse in Mill Valley, ABC Home in New York, and Revival in Chattanooga.

New at Schoolhouse Electric, the appealing Orbit Sconce is available in seven finishes and eight cord color choices; $169 in either clear or opal glass.

Above: The Laboratorio Lamp is made with a vintage borosilicate laboratory flask with a brass, rubber, and porcelain lamp socket; comes with 3 meters of black textile cable and a Euro plug; €120.


Montecito Pendant , 9 DIA x 16 H x 41 OAH (single), Made-to-Order
Via : deringhall

CLEAR BAND SCONCE, 12" h x 6 3/4" w x 8" d, Glass, oil rubbed blackened steel
Via : deringhall

Plumen 001 at $30.00
Sam Wilkinson & Nicolas Roope, 2010 
Via : MoMa

Cord Chandlelier
A light weight tensegrity structure makes the bulbs appear to float. 
60"x 54". Steel, Porcelain Socket, Cloth Cord


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