Jun 29, 2011

Cool Ideas for Door Knobs

Door Wrench: Tool-Style Knob Fit for Industrial Interiors

Tirdad Kiamanesh of Tehran, Iran, envisions simple glossy metal, matte black or coated and colored finishes for the attachment hardware as well as the rotating hand grip, making them a fit for any setting offbeat enough to handle them.

Upcycled Hardware: Hockey Pucks into Door Knob Sets
 These funky modified door knobs by ModKnobs come with a central axis or an off- center pivot that pierces the pucks to create a combination lever handle and round knob design, then slots into a smooth metal plate matching the round door knob design itself.
Light-Up Door Handles Illuminate Entries and Exits

Retractable Do-Not-Enter Door Handle Ensures Privacy


1 comment:

  1. There Door Knob ideas are terrific. My wife and I have decided to renovate our house, so we had to renovate our door knobs as well and we needed something unique. Your ideas are quite helpful in deciding what kind of door knobs we should install.


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