Oct 16, 2011

Creative Hanging Bed Furniture Ideas


Barnwood Hanging Bed from anthropologie


Inspired by boat design, this tree lounge by Studio XYZ designer and builder Nils V Hammerbeck was created to allow the client to float in a sea of foliage, rather than water. Looking very much like a boat that has miraculously ended up in a tree, it nevertheless plays out a primordial idea, says Hammerbeck:


Knotted Melati Hanging Chair from anthropologie

 (Source: thearchtivist)


Suspended rope bed (via flickr)

 Designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe. This open air construction and the large overhanging tin roofs allow for natural ventilation but still provide ample shade from the hot sun. The foundation is poured concrete and the structure is formed with steel, while the bamboo rings are covered in burlap to provide more shade and protection.

daybed swing | via Items By Designbird

Yes, please.
design by the talented Mr. Craig Kettles
via Bedzine

To create one, check out Better Homes and Gardens


  1. ed riemen hardy
    if i sleep in these place i could not want to get up any more

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  5. there amazing is it possible if you know where I could buy the first hanging chair with the black and white weaved circle things??

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