Jul 13, 2011

Attic With Rustic : Restaurant

"Old Attic is located on the second floor of the restaurant complex rake. The second floor is wonderfully reminiscent of the attic where the ceiling and walls are the parts of the roof structure. This creates an unusual space filled with air, light and heat. Floors and walls, beams and other structural elements are made of natural wood. Staircase leading directly to the “loft” is made of forged items naturally within six months. Cottage style furniture includes a well defined in this case of simple shapes that are placed in the room randomly, chaotically. Feel the unique aura of helping all kinds of wooden chests of drawers, chests and antique carved shelves. Buffets are arranged at the corners with souvenirs and decoration details of the last century. Please check these pictures bellow for further inspirational design."

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