Jun 1, 2012

Casa do Conto Hotel, Portugal

Casa do Conto, or the "House of Tales," is located in Portugal's second largest city, Porto, the hotel was ready to welcome visitors three years ago after a painstaking modernization of its 19th-century structure. Several days before the big event, most of the structure was lost in a fire.
Determined to start again and reinvent the home once more, architect group Pedra Liquida ("Liquid Stone") decided to let the lost work rest. Instead, Casa do Conto's next life would reveal what had come before. The architects commissioned six writers—all familiar with Porto and its architecture--to draft vignettes on Casa do Conto, its transformation, and its role in Porto. Graphic design firm R2 used Styrofoam letters to set the stories into concrete, weaving tales in and among the rooms.

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