Jan 20, 2012

Cool vintage rugs by Nazmiyal

I love the simplicity of these rug design...
4'2"x6'4" Nemy Moroccan Rug, Cream

4'3"x8'8" Moroccan Rug, Brown

5'x9'2" Taci Moroccan Rug, Vanilla

5'x10'7" Moroccan Rug, Cream

5'6"x9'5" Moroccan Rug, Lavender
3'1"x9'4" Moroccan Runner, Sage

4'1"x8'1" Kia Moroccan Rug, Vanilla

4'2"x11' Moroccan Runner, Aquamarine

Jason Nazmiyal, owner of the rug company that bears his name, has been buying and selling antique and vintage rugs for three decades. His goal is not merely to find and offer the finest handcrafted rugs but also to share his knowledge of and passion for the art form. This collection shows that he continues to achieve both ambitions.

3'1"x4' Abena Moroccan Rug, Cream


4'5"x8'6" Afia Moroccan Rug, Vanilla

2'3"x4'6" Panya Moroccan Rug, Cream

6'5"x13'6" Nuru Moroccan Rug, Vanilla


4'5"x12'9" Moroccan Runner, Canary


6'4"x10' Moroccan Rug, Rose


5'7"x13'8" Moroccan Rug, Coral


2'9"x7'3" Moroccan Runner, Blue


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  1. Awesome Moroccan Rug! If I do say so myself ;)

    If you ever want to see more then feel free to check us out at:



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