Jan 22, 2012

Cool Birdcage Lamps Vinatge Birdcage Lanterns

Bird Cage Lamp Desk Lighting

Bird Cage Lamp Details

  Bird Cage lighting design made by making certain bird selection and positions that can be varied on each chandelier. Diameter: 60cm (H) x 41cm. Price £375.00

Let There Be Flight Hanging Lamp at $97.99 from modcloth

La Grande Voliere from challieres

  Vintage Birdcage Chandelier X-Small

Birdcage light by Suzie Stanford at One Off Pieces. 

Chinese Birdcage Bamboo White 3-light Pendant(0925-P595S ) at $179.99 from lightinthebox
  Industrial bird cage pendant,
Made from a collection of found & repurposed items, this industrial farmhouse inspired birdcage light is a one of a kind, 60watt work of art.
$290 from omegatoo

from A Cottage Industry

A string of LED lights (wireless), like ZuZuPetals 

Library lantern made from vintage birdcage by Atlier 688

Lamp in birdcage. Simple, effective, and beautiful. (swissmiss.com)
Smaller cages can be painted and turned into a lamp base unit by placing a shade and lamp post on top.

Salvaged birdcage light fixture (Parker Sims Interiors)

LUUUX.com Etsy
Collect a group of different sized cages and hang them together as a family for an eclectic feel.


Roost Exotic woven lamps made from buri. Palace, Spindle, and Pagoda Pendant Lamps.

 Revel Spa: a cluster of black antique Thai birdcages hovers over the reception desk

Below are places to purchase light cords to make DIY birdcage lamps:

Doppio gioco coliera - table with two legs supported by a birdcage.

By dutchbydesign.com, a company specalizing in supplying contemporary lighting and funky home accessories from Dutch designers.

 19th Century Birdcage Light from capocchi

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