Dec 20, 2011

Pichan Kietsrichart's Work

Very simple but profound...

" Meditation, for me, is about focusing on something. Operating a Polaroid camera puts me in a similar realm of tranquillity, as if in meditation. There are 3 guiding numbers on a Polaroid camera. What to do first, next and last:  no.1 Focus, no.2 Shoot and no.3 Reset.
What I love the most about the process is that right after I pull the picture out I have to wait 30 seconds for the print to develop. It’s 30 seconds of focusing and rethinking about the whole process that I’ve just done.  I chose Polaroid black and white film as my medium; because of its simplicity.  Instead of the instant and reproducible results of digital photography, each print from a Polaroid camera is one of a kind." - 
Pichan Kietsrichart

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