Dec 24, 2011

Low Sofa, Bed, Nap mat and Floor Cushion Ideas

The Mina One villa located in the southwest part of Mykonos

 platypus pillows to Gwyneth's GOOP

Velvet rose cushion, $129 at UO
Upside down crate makes a low table - via Habitania

Mattress Pad / Play Mat / Nap Mat (crib / toddler) at $119.00 Via ETSY

Organic Buckwheat Hull Stuffed Mattress Topper (MODULAR SIZE) at $85
Via : ETSY

Play Mat, in Reversible Modern Owl and Chevron Design Last One at $45
Via : ETSY

Play Mat and Carry Bag in One by TickleandHide 

Wood pallets make low seating benches - via Habitania


  1. My parents bought the 3 piece set a few month ago and I fell in love with it! It looks like brand new even now, they are absolutely satisfied with their purchase.

    It really is rust proof and water resistant! My husband just bought this 6 piece one and I am so happy with it!!! Highly recommended product!!!

  2. Bossofone FlatulaMay 11, 2013 at 10:57 PM

    I'm 22 years old, and this is the first sofa that I have bought for my own place. I was a little scared to order a small sofa online, since I wouldn't be able to test it out. The shipping took ALOT longer then expected, I ordered it on the 3 of July and Just got it today July 20th, But I'm glad I waited. It was super simple to put together, it took me less than a hour. I have to say I wasn't expecting it to be so big. It's huge, but then again my apartment is only 600 square feet. The only reason I didn't give this sofa a five is because the color is nothing like the picture it is much darker, and looks more blue than gray. Other than that I believe that this sofa is a great deal!


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