Dec 8, 2011

Industrial Plumbing Pipe Fixture Design Inspirations

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Loving the Pipe Works Series from Nick Fraser.
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Candelabra Two / Pipework Series
A unique centrepiece for an evening of entertaining. These candle-holders utilise brass fittings and pipework to surprisingly elegant effect. Can be displayed singly or in combination.
The Pipework Series exploits the raw visual impact of exposed pipes to create useful products with striking industrial appeal.
by nickfraser

Using powder-coated copper pipes, brass fittings and brackets, the clever Brit’s Pipework Series will add a touch of humor and color to any boring wall.

In addition to creating various wall hangings, Nick Fraser makes elegant candleholders that work spectacularly as a centerpiece, on their own, or in combination. Pipework Series’ latest additions include coat hangers with more complex, irregular shapes and a soft pastel palette that references the Memphis design collaborative 1980′s creations.
Subtle and subversive, yet fully functional, Pipework Series celebrates standard everyday components and their potential to be transformed into charming and useful products.
You can get Nick Fraser’s fantastic Pipework Coat Rack at his online shop, at The Barbican in London, or you can even try making it yourself at home with materials purchased from your local DIY store.
You can buy all of them here in the US :)

These are products with a slight touch of Steampunk-style industrial design.
 DEMO made  KOZO LAMPS, made out of rust proof iron and other industrial materials which lend them their rough appearance and feel which create the unique and uncompromising personality that people are attracted to.

 (Designs via DEMO & HomeQN)
Via : Dornob

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