Dec 12, 2011

Creative Fun Furniture & Product Design Ideas

Ropey Chair by Jon Fraser
 Barocco by
Log Chop Bench from Every Day Design

Sycamore arch bench by Adrian Swinstead

Sofa Table Slab with Branch Base from Woodland Creek Furniture
Lit Stools and Tables from Gruppo Avanzini

Progression Table/Sculpture by Michael Roopenian
Alder Cubes by Brent Comber

Tree Book Shelf Model 1 by Oliver Dolle

River Mirror by Caryn Moberly

Branch Lamp by Didier Chaudanson

newGROWTH 3 from CP Lighting

Sedum Sink from Grinera

Glass and Wood Bath Designed By Marcus Farner

Wood Vase by Brian Adams

Engrain tactile keys by Michael Roopenian

 SPECTRA by Matti Klenell

Rocking Chair the new Sway by Markus Krauss

Queen by Smania 

 The Fluid Ribbon Chair by Michael D’Amato, Via

 Kosha  by Claudio D’amore
Via : Kosha


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