Dec 30, 2011

Chukar Chandelier by Yeni Mao

Chukar Chandelier by Yeni Mao
USA, designed 2008

Chukar Chandelier illustrates the story of desire surrounding the Indian myth of the chukar, a bird native to South Asia and the national bird of Pakistan, which is said to be in love with the moon and to gaze at it continuously. For this stunning chandelier, 110 brilliant cast chukar skulls are arranged in hanging flock formation. At once elegant and macabre, these bronze skulls plated in 14-karat gold provide an allegory for the loss and disconnection experienced in human immigrations, a central theme to Mao's work that addresses the complications of cultural hybridization, correlating human social behavior and functions of natural systems.

Available in a limited edition of 25, the chandelier's height is customizable.


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Number of items: 1
Materials/Techniques: galvanized steel bar, brass patinated plate, 110 cast chukar skulls plated with 14 karat gold, heat-resistant Viton cord, electrical hardware
approximately 48" h x 29" l x 19 1 / 2" w
(height customizable)
edition of 25 and 3 APs
Creator: Yeni Mao

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