Nov 20, 2011

Unusual Lighting Fixture Design

Love these creative ideas.

Ingo Maurer Birdie Busch Modern Table Lamp at $1,860.00

Solar-Powered Light Affixed to Window Shade, a solar-powered interior light that mounts to the inside of your window shades and draws power from the sun.

The cardboard cutout lamps designed by David Graas 

Oyule Light Bulbs

Oyule Light Bulb by Sergio Silva

Pixel Bulb by Marcus Tremonto
lb3a Unusual Light Bulb Designs

Energy efficient lamp that looks like brains. (Designer: Solovyovdesign)

lb3b Unusual Light Bulb Designs

Every bulb looks like it’s melting. (Designer: Keita Ogawa)

lb3c Unusual Light Bulb Designs

Tighten the noose to turn it off and loosen it to brighten the lights. (Designer: mintpass)

t’s non-edible pears. (Designer: Nick Foley)

Clipping on electro-luminescent sheets of paper to a hard-wire clip called the Pinch
(Designer: Shinyoung Ma)

Pocket Light
 (Designers: Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee)

Liquid Lights
(Designer: Tanya Clarke)

XX Light Bulbs (Designer: KAWS)

Diamond Light Bulbs via

"Bulb" Design: Ingo Maurer

The balloon fixture is a simple LED that rarely requires recharging and does not generate enough heat to pop the plastic around it.

Hareide Design worked with Northern Lights to create this light-on-a-string design, radially symmetrical around a central wire that ties it both to the ceiling above and floor below.

 CANDLE FLAME and WAVY TIP Light Bulbs have a Natural Look whether Illuminated or not - especially Tu-Tone Candle Bulbs with Yellow or Red Tips.Via


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