Nov 5, 2011

Fun Design Lamps

The Colgao (”hung” in Spanish) lamp by design studio Enpieza in Spain

Mannequim Lamps by Daniel Loves Objects.

Birdielight von Kiel Mead


Recycled Egg Carton Lamps by Victor Vetterlein

Melting light bulb von Propaganda

Funnel by Bevk Perovic
 By Kouichi Okamoto, The Liquid Lamp
 The Lichtinfusion Lamp by Christain Maas
 Moonwalk lamp made by Thomas De Lussac

 The acrylic X Lamp by the French design company PRoToCol

 The Fragile Future 2 lighting fixture by Lonneke Gordijn of the Dutch outfit known as DesignDrift

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