Nov 19, 2011

Cool Design Gifts Under $100

good fortune organizer at $22 via
Bottle Screws at $12.99

MUSHROOM KIT $19.95 via


KEY HIDING ROCK $22.00 via

Clock made from a Recycled Bike Wheel at $16 via

bottoms up beer glass at $18 via

mid century chair sculptures - set of 9 at $98 via

Knife Fridge Magnet at $9.99 via

kong ashtray at $24 via

hop game at $12 via

Shift Ring Set Gold & Violet  by Silva/Bradshaw at $96(on sale via fab)

Complete Condom Collection by Sir Richard's Condom Company at $30 via fab

Build Your Own Coil Lamp Kit by Craighton Berman at $50

Animal Butt Magnets by Steph Mantis at $20
Here for buy it!

Gummy Lamp at $28 by Jason Feinberg

The new light turns on and off with a squeeze of the bear’s rubbery belly, and features an optional one-hour timer and a hole at the back of the head for easy wall hanging. 
 Goldfish Kite by New Tech Kites at $22
Crafted in soaring oranges and made from ripstop nylon with a fiberglass frame

 Armed Notebook Set of Three by Megawing at $60
Black Chalk Piggy Bank by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio at $57

Clear Hive Honey Set by Biodidactic at $53
Sip N' Go Bottle Four Pack by Sip N' Go at $32
Classic Penny Skateboard by Penny Skateboards at $60
GAMA-GO Cassette Tape Measurer by GAMA-GO at $8
Twig Tropisma DIY Terrarium by Twig Terrariums at $45
Ceramic Hanging Sky Planter by Boskke at $25
10”x14” Black Slate Cheese Board by Brooklyn Slate at $28
Help I Have Problems Kit by Help Remedies at $30
Mlle. Moustache Ring by Vinca at $8.50

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