Oct 16, 2011

Bunk Beds for Adults






{Images via: 1. JVW Home; 2. and 3. Remodelista; 4. Houzz; 5. Coastal Living}

  Andaz San Diego  Ivy Hotel |  the Andaz Star Suite

Furniture Design by Gudiksen Design

The Luxury Bunk hotel room at base2stay Kensington, London with all the high-tech base2stay facilities including mini-kitchens

 Bunk Bed Funat Hotel QT, NYC

This is for kids but the layout can be practical for adults as well.


  1. This doesn't have to apply to just special holidays and the like, your college graduate child may not have the money to afford their own place. If they should have to move back in with you adult bunk beds can offer you a way to house them without compromising your living space. The prospects for college grads has fallen along with the economy and while both you and your child want to move on with your lives, it may be necessary to wait out this recession....

  2. Wow this is so cool, i found a lot of ideas here, thanks Adult Bunk Beds this really inspired me.


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