Oct 29, 2011

Amazing Bridges

Bridge of the Immortals, Yellow Mountain, China

The Immortal Bridge, a natural landscape, Taishan Mountain

Mount Tai lies in the zone of oriental deciduous forest; about 80% of its area is covered with vegetation. The flora is known to comprise almost 1,000 species. Some of the trees in the area are very old and have cultural significance, such as the Han Dynasty Cypresses, which were planted by the Emperor Wu Di, the Tang Chinese Scholartree (about 1,300 years old), the Welcoming-Guest Pine (500 years old) and the Fifth-Rank Pine, which was named originally by the Emperor Qin Shi Huang, but was replanted about 250 years ago. 

Amazing Indian Living Root Bridges

The bridges are made by using a root-guidance system. Betel nut tree trunks are hollowed out and used to surround and contain young, thin roots from the Ficus elastica trees. The roots are then guided to grow over the body of water. When they reach the other side, they are allowed to take root in the dirt there. The guidance system can be removed, and nature takes it course to produce a beautiful, strong, functional natural vegetation bridge. 

Moses Bridge Cutting Through Fort de Roovere’s Moat 

Designed by RO and AD Architecture company, the bridge is made from sustainable FSC and PEFC certified Accoya wood. The bridge was treated with a nontoxic coating that protects it from fungal decay, extending its durability. 

Via ferratas, bamboo bridges or unbelievable stone walkways- soothing natural alternatives to modern concrete structures overfilled with vehicles.

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