Sep 12, 2011

A Geodesic Tree House : Hollywood Domes

Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes are awesome tree houses! Arboreal architect Dustin Feider is installing them all over the Los Angeles area. Producer and writer Mark Levin has two in his backyard. The LA County Museum of Art has exhibited one. And the nest shown here belongs to Doors guitarist Robby Kreiger. “There’s way more business in California,” says 26-year-old Feider, a Wisconsin native who landed in LA last year. “There are a lot of creative people — with a lot of money.”
This is the 20' diameter (1-4) deltoid reticulation, consisting of 210 openings and 420 facets. Each opening is constructed from an individual tapered deltoid created of 1 x 6 red wood. The custom diamond and printed floor is created from cut-offs from the deltoid construction.
 Via: wired

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