Sep 21, 2011

Creative coat rack design

wolf den coat rack at $245 from Etsy

Modern/ Rustic, wooden hooks/ wall coat rack. Flat white, Custom Order with your measurments at $60 from Etsy 

Coat Rack Recycled Vintage Gym Flooring Featured on Front Page of Etsy at $149

Thru - Block wooden coat rack- 7 piece vertical or horizontal pattern 
with Key Shelf at 600 from Etsy

Set of 5 Modern Coat Hooks - TWIGGY series - 'Single Round' at $145 from Etsy

Modern Coat Rack 5-Peg TWIGGY 'Straight and Narrow' at $168 from Etsy

Stay Awhile Metal Coat Rack at $25 from Etsy

Letters to Juliet Hook Coat Rack Hanger Organizer at $25 from Etsy

The Slastic coat rack  Buy it here (£134.00 - $217)

"Designed to challenge our perception of the industrial landscape, the Pipe Work Series plays with the raw visual qualities of exposed pipes. These distinctive designs offer an inventive alternative to conventional choices, created from materials that show a combination of purpose and humour." Buy it here (£ 124.95 - $190.45)

Wardrope Coat Rack
A coat rack made up of four Y shaped hooks that move up and down a rope. When clothes are hung on, the hooks immediately fix in position, while the rope is straightened by a metal weight on its bottom. Buy it here (£58.50 - $90)

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