Aug 19, 2011

Creative Shelving and Storage Ideas

Polar Bear Storage Unit
This swish sculptural ‘Polar Bear’ storage unit has been spotted in upscale New York hotels, so it would be sure to jazz up your living room.


Vintage from Munkii lets you have an upscale, handcrafted bookcase without the hassle. It fits snugly into corners or between furniture and is easy to carry and transport. 

TENSOR VOTING WIRE FRAME SHELF designed by Giulio Parini


 Starting at $350 a pop, these Contemporary Flexi Shelving units come with the option of fine beechwood shelf interiors for extra cost

The Dany Gilles 800g Library

Slotted Table For Books

 Illuminating Bookshelves 

Piastra by Flussocreativo Shines a Spotlight on Your Book Collection

 The newly designed Aesop Saint-Honore store marks another brilliant collaboration between Aesop and March Studio.

Japan architect Yasuhiro Yamashita designed floor-to-ceiling storage solutions for his client, a 50-year old woman.  His name for the design?  "Cel Brick."  We call it Organized Heaven.

 Pocket Knife Shelves 

Ivan Hernandez Quintela and Juan Zouain Use Swiss Army Knife as Inspiration

 flexible box

Designer: ivan hernandez quintela (Mexico)
Manufacturer: La invencible (Mexico)
Material: steel, MDF, Formica
Colours: white, orange and green
Dimension: 6m x 6m x 3m

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