Aug 5, 2011

Creative Bed Sheets

Shield of Wings Blanket
Via : vikprjonsdottir
100% Icelandic wool.
250 x 135cm

Perfect Body Duvet Cover from Adult Novelty Duvet Cover Double

CharacterWorld Generic English Rose Panel Duvet Set, Doubleby Character World

Wrecked Car Blanket
Portuguese Sleep Association reminds you that driving tired can kill
Faux-cardboard Duvet Cover
Street Bed Sheets
Cardboard and concrete inspired bed sheets designed to raise awareness about homeless people. [link]

Police Tape Bed Sheets

Make Love Not War Blanket
Unique duvet cover is clearly marked down the middle indicating how much of the blanket is covering you. [link]

Never Sleep Alone Bed Sheets
These clever bed sheets were designed to promote Che Men’s Magazine.

Anatomical Blanket
Creative duvet cover designed for people who study anatomy. [link]

Rise and Sigh Bed Sheets
Embroidered bed sheets will imprint a message on your body. [link]

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