Jul 31, 2011

Fattoria di larniano villa in Tuscany

On my trip in Tuscany, I stayed at
Fattoria Di Larniano, which made me fall in love with Tuscany right away. This beautiful farmhouse villa is on a large estate with vineyards and olive trees, 3 miles from San Gimignano. Fattoria Di Larniano has a swimming pool, parking spaces with sun terrace.  

The village of Larniano, in ancient times also called "Lariniano", is mentioned in a document of Volterra from 906 even if we don't have any definite historic accounts until the 13th century. It is mentioned in an ecclesiastic document (the Volterrian synod) from 1356, and even before that in another one from 1216. It was part of the plover of Cellori until 1782, the year in which San Gimignano was dismembered by the diocese of Volterra.

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