Jun 29, 2011

Electric Fans


With the next few days here in LA in the 90's and 100's, we're starting to rely on our trusty but homely electric fan. It does its job well enough, but we're not exactly blown away by its appearance. Here are a few modern decor-friendly choices to keep you cool this summer...



Swiss Propeller Fan: simple and sleek, this reminds us of airplane propellers of a bygone era. The nicest floor fan we've seen.

Henning Boegershausen's Foldair Fan: a minimalist dream come true. And when you're not using it, just store it your bookshelf!

Venti Remote Control Fan: The Venti fan has three speeds, oscilates and in addition to being fully adjustable is very attractive. It is "built entirely out of cast aluminum and steel to ensure durability" and can be free standing or wall-mounted.

Marc Berthier's Tykho Fan: An established designer with works in the collections of MoMA and Centre Pompidou, Marc Berthier has a lot of street-cred. His Tykho Fan for Lexon features soft PVC blades and two speeds. Perfect for a backup breeze and we loved the way the colors worked with the design of the ATNY site!

Vintage Vornado Fan: Yeah, we know it's a replica of an old fashioned design. But we think it still think the 50's design looks utterly modern, and how can we not love the green paint job?

Plus Minus Zero Fan: Some argue this fan is a beautifully bare bones fan of modernist sensibility. Others point out its similarity to a discount store special. We think it's both.

Eco Friendly Solar Powered Desk fan Kit: We're thinking of getting one of these for ourselves (actually our computer, which sits close to a window). Made from laser cut Perspex and powered by the sun.


Propello: Made of an aluminum fan-body and soft natural rubber fan-blades, this fan is safe to accidentally touch even while on. Looks like it was taken off a modern watercraft, doesn't it?


La Luna: The most intriguing fan design of the bunch, the La Luna concept design is slim on details, but an extremely unique twist on the cylindrical style table fan.

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  1. The La Luna fan looks strikingly unique. I wonder how that works. I haven’t seen an electric fan designed like this. Pretty cool! This is great for contemporary homes who want to conceal the real look of a normal electric fan design.
    Staci Severns @ Brooklyn Fan


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