Jun 22, 2011

Creative wallcovering ideas

Vintage Wallpaper Bookcase by Young & Battaglia
This is a beautiful wallpaper Bookcase designed by Young & Battaglia. Wallpaper has a vintage look shelving library and is part of the current trend of photorealistic wallpaper, which adds a trompe l'oeil dimension to interior design. The wallpaper is in England and is available for purchase 70 zł roll. 

Modern 3d wallpaper by Marburg

 This modern wallpaper 3d of Marburg certainly far from the traditional cards, or plain old paint. Exotic and exciting, Colani Tsavo 3d wallpaper collection is inspired by the heavy structure of the natural appearance of the skin of an elephant, but available in a palette of 10 colors including natural shades of earth, gold and silver. Wallpaper is available in digital and crossed elephant tusk prints. Take the design step, even the third dimension with some 3d wall decorative accessories. Check out this collection of wall covering in the class Marburg . 

 Manufacturer Mio Culture, wallpaper shows a 3D effect. The 100% recycled wallpaper tiles, from Ripple Effect, which will bring a new dimension to interior design. The best part of this collection of wallpaper is not only its ecological functions, but the ripple effect, it allows you to create different types of structures that reflect your style. You just have to turn this 12-inch tiles in a different direction, and voila, you get the new model. Ripple 3D wallpaper is sold at $32 a 12-pack, and can be arranged on the wall using tape for temporary use of an adhesive or by using permanently. The images below will explain more and give a visit Mio Culture for details.

Exclusive Wallpaper Design by Ferm Living

This collection of wallpapers below belongs to the Ferm Living, a company in Denmark. Pattern and color is less complicated, but not too simple, it is a nuance of casual home. This construction is a little unusual wallpaper, games of various shapes elements of nature such as tree branches, flowers, stones, or roots, and some of them also present man as an object. It would be interesting to decorate the house design. This elegant wallpaper can be found in here . 


British Designer Wallpaper Graham & Brown – Crowns and Coronets

Inspired by the eagerly anticipated Royal Wedding, the British designer of wallpaper in the UK company Graham & Brown has a bit of Great Britain home, where it can be. “Crowns and Coronets” collection has a distinctive theme carried out in a bold palette is sure to become the focal point of any room in black and white. Not really “royal” sufficient to extravagant tastes? Dress wallpaper graphic of the jewels of Graham & Brown adhesive, available in dazzling diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Your home is your castle – the residence to create a wall in your room or splash any wall with this stylish wallpaper and make it a crowning achievement of the house. More information is available at Graham & Brown 


Wallpapers of innovative OLED technology by Lomox

This new wallpaper is very unusual, because this could very nice light illumination. This unique wallpaper can replace the old bulb with a more environmentally friendly element, which is known as OLED technology. From this wallpaper requires very low power consumption, it can run from solar panels or batteries. You can create a more natural atmosphere, to brighten up your room with a cool OLED wallpaper. In addition to supplying lighting this wallpaper also looks very beautiful. But the bad news is that these modern wallpaper will begin in 2012 so I need to be patient. More information about this cool light-emitting wallpaper on Lomox site. 

Luna Wall Flats

Wall Flats are Inhabit's take on a modern, eco-friendly wallpaper. A modern embossed three-dimensional wallcovering that is good for the environment. Does it get any better than that?

Deep Buttoned Chesterfield Wallpaper at $ 109.35 USD
Via : bouf.com

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