Nov 28, 2010

Need a help in Beijing?

When I was traveling in Beijing, 
my friend recommended  me to contact John (Zhang Yong Xin), a friendly funny Chinese driver.
She enjoyed his service as a driver and guide.
She said he could drive me around and translate or bargain for whatever for me.
So, I booked him for 5 days.
At first, I didn't expect that I would need his help that much.
When I was in China, I realized that
it was almost impossible to take a taxi cab to anywhere(even 10 blocks from the hotel) 
without speaking Chinese at all.
John ended up becoming my lifesaver, helping get everywhere and discounts for lots of things.

I wouldn't have had such a great time without his help.
 So, if you are planning to travel to China but don't know any Chinese at all,
you might need a help and he is definitely the guy for you!
His website is 
I was impressed in his easy-going styles, compromising deal, trustworthy personality, local knowledge and sense of humor :)

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