Jul 19, 2011

Restored Vintage Typewriters by Kasbah Moderne

I am not sure if I will ever type on these things again but
they have become collective objects that look classic decorative and
sentimentally cool as my home decorative accents.
I would love to buy these polish gold finish.

$835 retail price
Double-Oh-Seven by Kasbah Mod
Kasbah Mod[ified]’s Double-Oh-Seven is for the man or woman who has everything and still wants more. With exquisite 24-karat gold-plating, and original glass-topped keys, this reinvented 1940s Smith Corona 4 series marks that decadent axis where Bond-author Ian Fleming meets Peter Gronquist’s Versace-branded AK-47. Type top-secret messages while you sip your Vesper martini and finalize your plans to take down Goldfinger—all from this luxurious, ultra-chic machine, exclusive to Fab.com.
$895 retail price
The Ghost
by Kasbah Mod
Inside, this typewriter is a Smith-Corona 5-Series, a line widely celebrated for its quietness and low finger-fatigue—plus a special translucent roller. Outside, its body is custom-plated with hot-rod-quality chrome, a material Smith-Corona never saw coming. The Ghost’s surface reflects its surroundings, a haunting reminder of the 5-series’ iconic form and of a crucial part of any good writing.
 $455 Corona 4 by Kasbah Mod
The Smith Corona 4-Bank, introduced in 1924, was the first mainstream, widely promoted 4-bank typewriter. It is an industrial design classic and legend suggests that the world's typewriting community grew 50 times in population after the Corona's 4-Bank's elegant introduction. This classic edition features a glossy green paint job. 


Underwood Four-Bank No. 23 at $276

$565 retail price 
Royal Model 10  by Kasbah Mod
Tall, upright and monstrous, the Royal Desktop Model 10 was a dystopian beast of industrial era engineering when it first hit the market 1914. Built of cast iron and equipped with glass keys, it was also the first typewriter to sell for a $100 price tag. Almost a century later, this model remains a fully functioning monument to the history and evolution of the printed word.

Olivetti Valentine $950.00

Kasbah Moderne
Restored Vintage Typewriters
Kasbah Moderne returns to Fab.com with custom-colored and 
fully-restored vintage typewriters along with rare machines from another era. It's time to resurrect the -almost- lost art of typing These unique objects are as functional as they are beautiful.

Underwood Universal $395.00

Smith Corona 5 Orange/Blue at $750.00

These days I am in love with vintage finds. I saw these typewriters and went crazy about replacing my Mac Book pro with an "Underwood 4-Blank". LOL

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